Friday, October 31, 2008

Collateral Damage

Kevin came home from work one day a few months ago to find Bullet covered in feathers.


It looked like a gaggle of geese had been slaughtered in the bedroom.

Bullet isn't a destructive dog, never has been. What I think happened was a Kong got caught up in the duvet and he was chewing on both at once. Then I'm sure there was a wrestling match between him and Glory in the wonderful white stuff.

Then yesterday I got a call at work. At the bottom of our stairs we have a door with glass panels... Bullet had run into it. (If you know Bullet you can easily see how that would happen) He was fine, the door unfortunately wasn't. He smashed a pane to pieces, and how we're going to replace it I have no idea!

To be honest I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner with all the dogs that come through my house and the Kongs that are bounced down the stairs!


Jules said...

SO glad that Bullet is okay. I was scared for a second!

RED DOG said...

They are actually fairly easy to replace. Matching the design on the other pieces of glass is going to be tough and/or expensive. A glass shop would probably be a good starting point. Don't know of any specific ones in the Cambridge area but Clegg Glass in Burlington is the type I am talking about.
Glad Bullet didn't get cut.