Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cats and dogs

Meet Aslan. We've had this little huntress extraordinaire since she was 7 weeks old. Moths, mice and bats don't stand a chance at life with her around. She's done more damage in our house than any dog ever has. As a kitten she'd push things off shelves just to see them fall, I swear it. Her goal in life is to eat. Anything. Leave food on the counter and she'll find it.

Glory is fine with Aslan, they'll sometimes be found sleeping together on the bed.

Foxy is interested in her, but when Aslan swats she runs away, very respectful of the sharp ends on those paws!

Bullet on the other hand has been raised with this cat. Chasing is never allowed. Ever. I don't even allow the thought of chasing, yet he still has an obsession.

We've had streams of rescue foster dogs through this house, and only one very prey driven Aussie was a danger to her, we ended up keeping them separated until she was adopted. All puppies I've raised have been great with her until Bullet. Some Giant Schnauzers are not good with cats and Bullet falls into this category. Aslan's pretty good at taking care of herself but we still have to watch and protect her, her usual self-defense strategies will only increase his desire for the taste of cat I'm afraid.

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