Friday, August 01, 2008

Agility photos!

Finally! These are the only agility photographs I have of Bullet outside, Kevin was kind enough to come out and take them at last night's class. He hasn't seen us train for four months and still describes us as "entertaining" and "funny". Sigh. But we HAVE made some improvement as you'll see. Agility isn't something I've ever really done before so Bullet and I are learning together.

On to the photos.

Bullet works quietly now... ok, so there are the odd flash-back moments for old times sake.

He no longer knocks every bar on every single jump! Woohoo!

He still gets stuck in heel position at times. If I were to get a puppy for agility I would do some of the early training differently, but I can't see that happening.

Contacts aren't bad, except for the fact he has started to target the color break rather than the ground, unless there is a cone there, then he'll target that instead... something to work on next class.

His teeter still needs work, the first time he takes it each class is always at full speed with no tip-it even with the clear, well timed commands of "EASY!!!" and "TIP-IT!!!" After each rocket ship launch he's respectful of the teeter for the rest of the hour, so I only get one chance to practice the "first time". Next class I'm going to position myself differently and see if that will help him be successful.

He loves those tunnels. I often have to reposition them and reattach the sandbags once he's gone through.

Sliding across the table and off the edge has been known to happen, but once on and down he stays nicely until released.

Rear crosses are still difficult for us. He spins towards the side I'm on, maybe I'm not being clear enough?

That's better! Good boy!

Notice how some of the poles are shorter than the rest on this set? Bullet's work. The good news is that he hasn't snapped any in at least a few weeks.

And the dog walk is good! Most times.

Isn't he handsome?

Good luck to everyone who's going to the Canadian Nationals; Dianne, Chad and all you bloggers out there. Enjoy the east.


Jules said...

Great pics!! It seems like you and Bullet are really anjoying agility. Hooray!

schutzhundgirl said...

Great photos Tracy... looks like bullet is having a blast. He'll make a great agility dog...