Sunday, July 20, 2008

The treats are not the problem.

There is a Canadian Cesar Millan wannabe named Brad Pattison. His show is called At the end of my leash. The first time I saw this show I watched in horror as he let a dog, known for running away, off the leash in this family's front yard and watched as it... wait for it... ran down the street. He then did not allow a very anxious girl go and look for her runaway dog, he left that to her family. Hello?! I was fully expecting a family member to come around the corner carrying her dog's lifeless body.

He likes to show his control by putting a dog in a sit stay and then walking across the street. The intro of each episode shows him walking along a very busy downtown sidewalk with a pack of dogs all off leash. This is not a safe practice, not to mention illegal through most of North America, I don't care how trained your dog is.

He places video cameras in his clients homes and watches them. He demands their "trust" and psychoanalyses their relationships. He starts by sending the families outside so he can look through their house for clues.

Rummaging through their drawers and closets he finds collars other than a martingale which he pushes and sells on his website. I mean really, how can you expect to train a dog using any other type of collar?
He looks for evidence of where the dog sleeps. On the bed?!
He finds toys. How awful.
He finds treats. Well no wonder the dogs and owners have problems.

I laugh thinking about what he would say if he went through my house!

Putting aside his lack of people skills, his grating personality and his need for control he sometimes has good advice and does get to the root of the problem. Sometimes. I'd never recommend the show to anyone unless you get some sort of pleasure watching reality tv shows that rely on shock value for ratings.

Give me Cesar any day.

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