Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summing up the dog world in one sentence:


Yeah, that pretty much covers it.

If you spend any time in this world you get to experience the nuances of the above in all it's endless shades...

"My rescue dog was more abused than your rescue dog."
"My breed is more rare than your breed."
"My show dog has more wins than your show dog."
"My dog bites harder than your dog."
"My hunting dog has caught more than your dog."
"My dog is bigger/smaller than your dog."
"My dog is faster than your dog."
"My dog is more aggressive than your dog."

Need I go on?

Most people are political enough not to add "than your dog" to the end of their sentences, but the implication is there. Alliances are formed. Laws are set. Judgement is passed. Some people take it so far that their lives and self-worth are wrapped up in what people think of their animals.

Take a step back. Breathe. Reevaluate what matters in your life and move forward. Examine your relationships with people, your finances, your time. In the end nobody will remember or care about your wins or losses unless it impacts them directly.

And on that note, MY DOG IS BETTER THAN YOUR DOG! :) I gotta go!

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dreameyce said...

Isn't that so true! We get 'kennel blindness' in all animals though. IMO preference in pets, is much like religion...

Many people feel they have made the 'best' choice, and everyone else must be wrong, forgetting there are no cookie cutter people :)

P.S. My dogs are better than yours! ;0P