Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Pomeranian named Foxy

I took Foxy to watch an agility trial that was being held where Bullet and I are taking agility classes. Since I'm training for it, I should at least watch a trial, eh? Competing in agility hasn't been a goal of mine, we're actually doing it to keep busy until we start Schutzhund again, but you never know...

It was a beautiful spring day and Foxy enjoyed sitting with me outside in the grass.

All was calm until a woman entered the ring with her Pomeranian. As the dog was running around she kept calling her name in a high-pitched voice. "Foxy! Foxy! Foxy!"

My Foxy immediately perked up and looked around. Who was calling her? Why were they saying her name? It was the only time she really noticed or cared that there were people and dogs running around, even the pumped and vocal dogs didn't catch her attention the way this woman did.

She'll be a very nice dog for her future girl or boy, nothing fazes her.

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