Monday, June 23, 2008

A gift from my dogs.

Imagine my delight as I rounded a corner on the forest trail to see this:


The three year olds.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hard at work

Oh, but first she did her Doga, you need to stretch before a good nap.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy (belated) Birthday to the Schnauzers!

Bullet and Glory turned the big "3" on June the 7th. I didn't forget but I have been too busy to plan a photoshoot or write a post.

Glory took this one really hard...

(I realized Glory has been neglected lately and needed her turn on the world wide web.)

Foxy pondering...

"Why does everyone think I'm a boy?"

"Maybe I DO look like a boy?!"

Pearly whites


Hope everyone is having a good day.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Crash test doggy

Please visit "Molasses Ain't Got NOTHIN' On Us!" to watch an important video on canine car safety. The video is in German but you don't need to understand the language to get the message. Just as people need seatbelts dogs need to be contained properly in a vehicle, for their safety and for yours, and not every containment device is created equal.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Pomeranian named Foxy

I took Foxy to watch an agility trial that was being held where Bullet and I are taking agility classes. Since I'm training for it, I should at least watch a trial, eh? Competing in agility hasn't been a goal of mine, we're actually doing it to keep busy until we start Schutzhund again, but you never know...

It was a beautiful spring day and Foxy enjoyed sitting with me outside in the grass.

All was calm until a woman entered the ring with her Pomeranian. As the dog was running around she kept calling her name in a high-pitched voice. "Foxy! Foxy! Foxy!"

My Foxy immediately perked up and looked around. Who was calling her? Why were they saying her name? It was the only time she really noticed or cared that there were people and dogs running around, even the pumped and vocal dogs didn't catch her attention the way this woman did.

She'll be a very nice dog for her future girl or boy, nothing fazes her.

Bullet's "THE DOG"

Bullet takes his job seriously and he's proud of the work he does.
Look at him standing nice and tall.

One thing we practice is calmness when being hitched up and unhitched to the cart. He is to stand still until released. To stop anticipatory behaviors I always mix up what we do next. Sometimes I'll have him do a stand-stay for a while, maybe re-hook him to the cart or practice our obedience. Other times I'll release him to play... or pee!

He is most enthusiastic about carting and his head becomes downright inflated. When I release him to pee he uses the opportunity to let the entire neighborhood of canines know that he's "THE DOG" and he was there. The saucy wiggle at the end makes me laugh, have I mentioned lately that I love my dog?

Cart prototype #3 is well underway but still has a long way to go. My plan was to do a relief carving around the whole box but I may settle for clean joints. So far I've done everything 100% by hand and am excited that it's working, since I'm making it up as I go! At this point it doesn't look much different from the one I'm using, but it will. Structurally the box is much better and the balance will be adjusted. My goal for this cart is strength and beauty, my goal for cart prototype #4 will be to keep the weight down.