Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring cleaning helper

My front yard needed help. The stone pathway had become so overgrown I figured it was time to save it before the stones were lost forever.

Bullet loves to keep me company when I'm working. Being a Velcro Giant he has to be right beside me, poking his head in my working space to inspect the job at hand. Protector would also be on his business card. Some people who walk by only get eyeballed silently, but others get the growl. Those who dare walk a dog past his property get woo-woo'd at.

We're getting there!


Christine said...

From the first picture, I would never have guessed that those stones were so big. Really nice.

Good job Bullet!

RED DOG said...

Yes, looking good. Are those the same stones?

K9-CRAZY said...

Yes, those are the same stones. You can see why I wouldn't want them to sink out of sight!

Katrin said...

WOW!! That was a lot of work! Looks great!

Abbey said...

Wow, big job... looking great though