Saturday, March 22, 2008

Living with a Giant Schnauzer named Bully.


Nursing scratches, bruises and cuts to my hands that get in the way of his toy.

Purple body-slam bruises.

Taking the Schutzhund sleeve to the side of the head... to the shin bone... to the knee.

Getting the wind knocked out of me by punches to the gut caused by two front feet.

Experiencing a paw in the eye and a visit to the optometrist.

A bloody, swollen lip from my own teeth when our heads collide.

The pain of eighty pounds stepping, twisting and launching off my foot.

Flying through the air and landing flat on my back after being knocked off my feet from behind.

Puncture wounds to my thigh from a frantic snatch for a rogue ball.

Being thankful it was just my glasses that were broken and not my nose (as first thought) when a toy was torqued into my face.

I love my Bully!

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Jules and Ikey P said...

Made me laugh out loud! That's love.