Wednesday, January 09, 2008

PABA Seminar - Successful Canine Behavioral Therapy & Training

University of Guelph
May 3rd & 4th 2008

This year the topic is Successful Canine Behavioral Therapy & Training:

Dr. Andrew Luescher
The Controversy About Training Methods
Controversial Training Aids

Dr. Susan Friedman
Behavior Works: The Science of Behavior Change
Alternatives to Breaking Animals: Learning Solutions

Dr. Patrick Pageat
Evaluation of the Aggressive Dog

Dr. Sarah Heath
The Diagnosis & Management of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction
Sounds Stimulating: Dealing With Sound Sensitive Dogs

Ms. Tamar Geller
Training From The Heart
Dog Training As A Career

For more information on the topics, speakers and a registration sheet visit the Gentle Leader Canada website. Hope to see you there!

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