Wednesday, January 02, 2008


What are your thoughts on him? Yay or nay?

Please feel free to comment.


JULES & IKE said...

Hee, are you trying to start a firestorm? : ) I think he uses force of personality and isn't a very good human trainer.

Having a "scaredy" dog, I particularly do not like the way he "floods" fearful dogs. For sure that works with some dogs, but for the others, I can only imagine the amount of clean up the owners are left with - if they don't just surrender the dog.

Christine said...

I haven't watched enough of him to judge. I think that different dogs respond to different approaches and techniques. I say do whatever works for your dog.

Laura V said...

What I've heard is that the TV show is edited in such a way that it's hard to tell what he's actually DOING. I think this is problematic, because people imitate what he does -- but I don't think it says anything about him as a trainer -- says more about television.

I think a lot of the basics he teaches are the same as anyone else teaches, it's just he's packaged them up into catchy phrases and tied them with a personal-charisma bow.

What I took away from watching his show was that I ought to walk my dog a LOT more. Both the dog and I are much happier for it.

Cat and Tessie said...

Big yay.

People have a tendency to slam him for charisma and fun phrases but any good teacher should be at least mildly entertaining, and most people do benefit from phrases or even catchy jingles. How many of us still run through the A-B-C song in our head when we're alphabetizing things?

Fact of the matter is the general population -- people who are not dog savvy -- do not often have the time nor desire to go through things the 'slow way'. This isn't just with dogs, its with their kids, it's with their jobs, it's with everything. Cesar may utilize flooding and I realize that it's controversial but I strongly feel that it does get the best results. These are people who are NOT going to take six months to c/t their dog for every tiny miniscule step in the right direction.

Think of it like the armed forces. They bring you in and basically tear you down in order to rebuild you into a better person. It's tough love. They do it in some of the best rehab facilities and even at "fat camps". They are hard on those involved but you cannot dispute that the people who come out are changed for the better.

And through seeing people at pet stores, in the woods with their dogs, etc. I think everyone can benefit from being a little more self-confident and assertive considering most of the country's dogs walk all over their people. (And after ten months at a dog boarding facility good GOD do our dogs all need more exercise!)