Monday, December 24, 2007

Shopping with "Krispy Kreme"

AKA Crispin, a National Service Dog in training.

Our job is to take him out to everyday places like the mall, the movies, the library etc.,

While we do everyday things like shop.

People can't help but touch a cute & happy lab, we understand this, therefore we teach the dog to focus on us. This can be a very hard thing for a people-loving lab to do at times, but they CAN do it!

Now, not running over to meet other dogs, that's an even harder thing to ask of Crispin. Here we meet one of his class-mates, a Golden Retriever who's going back for his official training at the same time as Crispin.

National Service Dogs relies on people just like you and I to foster for them. To read more about puppy-raising, visit the link below. If you feel it's something you'd be interested in you can even apply online:

NSD Puppy Program

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