Friday, September 14, 2007

Shopping with the labs

Crispin turned one on Wednesday. Here he is with his chocolate friend from Dog Guides, Kringle.

Introducing... Blood Brother the Second.

Blood Brother the First swam on my desk at work for two years. After him came Blue Blood and No Name, but they never lasted as long. I figured it was time to try again.

Giant Schnauzers looking for homes

There are times when we hear of Giant Schnauzers looking for homes. Most often these are in Ontario, but sometimes they are in other provinces or in the USA. If you have an interest in an older dog (usually these dogs range from 6 months to 10+ years), write us with your contact information and we'll put you on a list. We are NOT a rescue group, more like a referral service.

Write Tracy at:
Write Christine at:

Don't be turned off if we ask questions about your lifestyle, dog experience, preferences, etc. We use this information to match the right dog to the right owner. If we hear of a dog that might suit you we'll pass along the information and you can take it from there. If at any time you wish to be taken off of this list just let us know and we'll update the records.

Most often these dogs have nothing wrong with them, they may have been improperly matched with an owner to begin with. The pro's of an adult dog are many, one being that you are past the puppy stage, they are often housebroken and have basic obedience on them. Dogs end up in need of a new home for a number of reasons:

- Too energetic.
- Not good with children.
- Their owners have a new baby.
- Their owners don't have the time.
- Their families move.
- Their families have allergies.
- The dog is too protective.
- The dog's owner dies.
- Health problems.
- They were found as a stray.

Once in their new home they often settle quickly and become loving pets. Here are some happy Ontario successes!




Be sure to visit Christine & Mya's blog for more information.