Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lazy Sunday afternoon

When it's sunny with a solid blue sky and light breeze why not enjoy it? Yard work can wait another day.

The day started bright and early with Bullet doing his first track since his operation - it was excellent. I was thrilled with his slow start, his concentration, his corners, his article indications all the way to the end.

After that I took Glory over to the park for a little training session... since I'm signed up for an agility class starting this Tuesday I should at least get the basics down and see where her attention is. Baseball season has started and she wasn't distracted by the balls flying around or the crowds of people so I feel pretty confident about agility.

Later that afternoon after church I took Bullet for a walk by the river. He was very happy to be out again, even if it wasn't biking yet :)

Blue skies:

Happy dog:

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