Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Why is this person praising me?

A few weeks ago I won movie tickets from a local radio station. The day I picked them up I decided to bring Kwik to work with me. The station is on the top floor of a taller building and you have to take the elevator up. (Read: good training op)

Kwik handled the elevator well. We entered the radio station to find the receptionist on the phone behind her desk. I quietly asked Kwik to sit then praised her as she did, "Gooooood. Good girl." The woman got off the phone and turned her attention towards me. I gave her my paperwork, looked down and quietly praised Kwik, "Goooood", for sitting quietly as my tickets were handed to me. The woman was very cold, usually they are very cheery and talkative. Oh well, I got what I came for.

I thanked her, asked Kwik to heel and walked into the hallway where I released and played with her as we waited for the elevator. We were just stepping into it when the receptionist ran into the hallway, exclaiming "Oh! I didn't realize you had a dog with you!"

I think she thought I was praising HER under my breath! "Good girl! Now just hand over the tickets, gooooood."