Friday, March 30, 2007


My question about what Bullet would think about an elephant was answered today.

Bullet thinks that elephants are ok as long as you don't have to jump on a table and come face-to-face with one. Then they are a little unnerving and it's best to treat them with respect and move out of their way.

Bullet was in his first acting role today, it's a futuristic documentary that will air on TV when finished.

Just another thing to add to his portfolio... hey, wait a minute! Soon his is going to be bigger than mine!

What's that?

Do you see that?

Guarding the equipment while patiently waiting for his turn.

Ostrich were also part of the day, the dogs were not involved with them:

And the first animals of the day were two zebras, the excitement of our day. Unfortunately I have no pictures of them and Bullet, I needed total concentration on my dog! Here are Frankie and Blade watching as the team set up the equipment.

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raiserally said...

That's amazing. I worked with elephants for eight months, african elephants, but still elephants. I've always wanted to see how the guide dog puppies here would react to them, but an interaction wouldn't be allowed on either side (GDB's or the zoo's) so it's just wishful thinking. I know you're guy isn't a puppy in training, but that's still really cool (p.s. I also worked with Ostriches and there's good reason there were no dog-ostrich interactions, you should be thankful :-D ) Thanks for sharing!