Friday, January 05, 2007

Kingston over the New Years

It snowed in Kingston over the New Year! If only I'd had my X-country skiis, not that I had much time for skiing, but still, I can dream.


Christine said...

I bet it was nice to see here again! It looks like she got a great home. It was probably hard for Kevin to say goodbye :(


Mary Arnold said...

It was great to have Tracy and Kevin and clan in Kingston at New Years.

We had so much fun walking in the fields! Ceilidh loved seeing Bullet again, but she could have done without the 2 girls.

I was soooooo relieved when Ceilidh decided that she would stay with me...I was really afraid she would ask to go home with Tracy and Kevin. (Hey...Kevin's got Glory now!)

Come again anytime, you guys....

Mary Arnold
Ceilidh's new companion