Friday, January 26, 2007

Jingle bells, jingle bells

Oh, what fun it is to ride
On a one dog open sleigh!

Bullet went sledding for the first time tonight, and he did great! I think he was super excited because I haven't run him in a few weeks due to the freezing weather.

Although he's pulled the scooter, bike & skis, he's never seen the sled before so I wasn't how he'd react. He didn't even blink.

My biggest worry was stopping. When I say whoa, Bullet whoas. Quickly. He stops dead in his tracks and spins around to look at me. Not a real problem with the scooter or bike since they are more manoueverable and have good brakes, but the sled doesn't have the same steering or braking power. Slamming a pulling dog from behind is never a good idea if you want them to keep pulling and be happy!!! It actually wasn't a problem, he spun to the side and I jumped off, dragged my feet and held onto the sled.

Another new thing tonight was booties. The snow we've had just packs in between his toes and the flesh around his nails got a bit raw from one outing last week. They've healed but I don't want it to happen again. He did the standard cartoon walking for the first few steps then forgot he was even wearing them.

It's SO much fun! Dog Powered Sports are truly addictive. Bullet was brilliant!

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