Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Our "Coco-puff" is on her way!

What is a Coco-puff you ask?

Well, last week we got the pickup call from DogGuides. Our brown standard poodle puppy is ready to come home this Friday afternoon. (Ninja was just a light puppy warm-up, she's back at the breeders now.) The mom's name is Coco so I've been calling the litter the "Coco-puffs".

The urban dictionary has a different definition of the word "Coco-puff" than I do, it puts a whole new spin on the term crazy poodle... which is another one of my terms of endearment. The poodles at the kennel were always so bouncy, happy & mouthy I always called them crazy. I really liked them which is why I asked to foster one this time around rather than a lab.

I wonder what her name will be?

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Anonymous said...

If you're getting one of the "K" poodles, I know two other people who will have littermates (Karma and Kramer).