Thursday, December 28, 2006

New friends

Looks like the Schnauzers have accepted Kwik!

Bullet the pillow:

Glory getting maternal:

Kwik, meet Quik

I'm assuming Kwik was named after the chocolate milk mix, Quik. (Say that a few times fast) Since I happen to have an old bottle in my cupboard I thought it would make a nice growth marker.

Kwik at 7 weeks:

Speaking of her name, Kwik is a very hard one to remember. To me she's been everything from Flick, Wink & Swish.

And then there is the obvious... Quickie.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bullet's First Scootering Photoshoot

This can't be December! It's almost Christmas and you hardly need a jacket outside.
Perfect weather for scootering though so you're not hearing me complain. I managed to convince Kevin to take some pictures of us before he went to work today.

Bullet and I have been Scootering for a couple of months now. His directional commands are coming along nicely, he's staying out front with a tight line and his love of it is growing more everyday. I think I'm going to be sad when the snow comes. We'll work on Skijoring but it's not the same.

Introducing Kwik

Here's Kwik, our newest DogGuide puppy. She's a brown Standard Poodle.
Born November 7th, 2006
Littermates are: Karma, Kramer, Kyara, Kiesha, Kiki & Keno

She's doing great! Settling nicely in her crate, walking into places like she owns them, loves everyone she meets. A very nice puppy overall.

Here she is:

With Bullet:

With Glory:

On her first outing to Home Depot:

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

From when Bullet got his "B"

Hey, I'm only a couple months late with these pictures. The quality's not the best, they were taken with a video camera as stills. If I'd been thinking of anything that day I'd have given someone my camera to use, but I wasn't doing anything but stressing. I'm really glad I got these, it was a very pleasant suprise. Thanks Anick for taking them!

Heeling on leash:

Sitting in the group:

Heeling off leash:

Down in motion:


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Our "Coco-puff" is on her way!

What is a Coco-puff you ask?

Well, last week we got the pickup call from DogGuides. Our brown standard poodle puppy is ready to come home this Friday afternoon. (Ninja was just a light puppy warm-up, she's back at the breeders now.) The mom's name is Coco so I've been calling the litter the "Coco-puffs".

The urban dictionary has a different definition of the word "Coco-puff" than I do, it puts a whole new spin on the term crazy poodle... which is another one of my terms of endearment. The poodles at the kennel were always so bouncy, happy & mouthy I always called them crazy. I really liked them which is why I asked to foster one this time around rather than a lab.

I wonder what her name will be?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The little Ninja

A few pictures of Ninja, a little GSD girl we were looking after for a couple weeks:

Bullet & Michael Ellis

A few pictures of Michael Ellis working Bullet this past summer:

Good service, bad service.

The good: K9 Toolbox.

A company in Ontario selling dog equipment. EXCELLENT service. If they can't get product out to me right away they contact me, let me know and give me options. Shipping is fast, product is great quality, prices are decent. I've ordered from them multiple times and will continue to do so. Highly recommend them.

The bad: Dethyse.

A company in Quebec. I ordered from them once this summer. They are expensive but have stock that you can't find anywhere else in Canada. One toy in my order was on backorder, no big deal, according to my receipt they would ship it when it came in. I would have prefered to know before they shipped or billed me, but whatever. My original order got to my on September the first. I haven't heard a thing since, even though I have emailed them asking for an update. They have not acknowledged my emails and I've resigned myself to accepting that I've got myself an expensive invisible toy. I DO NOT recommend them based on service, and will not even post a link to their website here.