Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cyder the Spider has graduated

That's her new nickname and it suits her.

Last night Cyder graduated from the DogGuides Canine Vision Canada Program.

She went from this tiny puppy:

To a grown-up working girl:

There were 8 graduating in her class, 5 black labs, 2 chocolate labs and a yellow lab.

Here are the black labs harnessed & ready to work, from left to right:
Digby, Cyder, Cola, Isley and in the back Dalia. Not pictured are Redford, Ritz and Bristol:

Good luck to Cyder & her new partner Janelle!


Covenant Giants said...

Big congratulations to Cyder, Tracy and Kevin.

I can't begin to know how much Cyder will mean to this young lady.

You all did a marvelous thing!

Soo andGregg

Christine said...

I felt like crying looking at those pictures of her. From a little innocent puppy to a grown up dog who someone trusts with their life! What a proud feeling you must have. Did you cry at the graduation?


Karen & Bryan said...

Yay -- she's a working dog now! Congratulations to you all! I remember when you were just starting to train her, what a marvelous dog. She was so GOOD at the restaurant as a puppy, we were amazed!

The woman who got her is very lucky and, I am sure, will be extremely happy.

Good job, guys!


*Amy&Polaris* said...

Yay! A big congrats to Cyder as well as to you for doing an outstanding job raising her! Awesome!

Buhbye, Amy &Polaris &Clifford