Tuesday, August 15, 2006


This past weekend Bullet and I went to a seminar where our performance was taped. I never had any intention of watching it, at least for a long time, but then I changed my mind. I'm glad I did.

Sometimes I forget how young Bullet still is and I look forward to seeing how he will progress & mature.

And his energy! I really didn't notice it until I saw him working with me. He's got springs in his legs! Yet he seems incredibly calm compared to Coda. But he's not! How can this be? What are the differences?

Bullet is happy to lie at my feet and rest while I'm working - when he's not shoving a slobbery ball into my lap anyway :) When my alarm goes off in the morning I invite him up and he snuggles with me until I eventually drag myself out of bed. When I move he's right there with me, even if it's just to get a book off the shelf two steps away. Yet when it's time to train he's more than ready...

And there's the difference. Bullet pushes his energy to me. It's so beautiful to work with and easy to channel. Coda was a bull-headed bearded freak who had his own mind and was always toeing the line. I say that with much love, but it wasn't always easy, lol! He was a great teacher and I don't regret it, but his energy wasn't as cooperative. This caused me to start biking with him, eventually leading me to try bikejoring which he excelled at...

This leads into my main thought. How well will Bullet be at bikejoring? I'm not convinced he'll be the natural Coda was. Coda was a lead dog at heart, and his heart was huge. The few times I've taken Bullet out on the Springer he's content to run on a loose line and flat collar - to stay with me. Coda on the other hand would be straining into the prong, screaming with excitement and raw energy for the first few kilometers. It only took two times in harness for him to understand his role out front.

I'm sure when the time comes I will get Bullet pulling, he is a Giant after all, but it may require more training on my part. Looking on the bright side of things, he'll be a safer ride and I may not even need an electric collar to help me enforce my "leave it!" when the furry rodents cross our path! We'll see about that one anyway :)

Hmmmm... I think that's about it. Musings over for now.

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