Sunday, August 27, 2006

Covenant Run to the Battle HIC, CGN

The Ontario devision of ARPH (Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline Inc) had a fundraising picnic today just east of Toronto at a place called Camp LotsaDogs. There were so many rescue Aussies there hanging out and playing together, everyone got along and had a blast. There were only two of my old fosters there but it was nice to see them again, even Talis who I see all the time.

Glory the Muppet had the most fun I think, she ran for hours, chasing balls and other dogs as well as socializing with all the people. She was our "rare wire-coated black aussie" :)

"Let me at'em!" says the Muppet.

Marci Jameson of North York Obedience Club Inc awarded Bullet his Canine Good Neighbour today, her comments being "Excellent Job", with a "slight whiney" at the supervised isolation exercise. Something I really must work on for the near future.

Bullet graduates from pre-kindergarden today!

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