Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cyder Report

Curious to see how Cyder's been doing in her training I put a call into Dog Guides last week. I've left it until now because I didn't want to bother them. Her old trainer called to let me know that she's been moved to the Quebec office, is with a new trainer and has been there for months.

She's doing great, she's happy and loves training. The only issue they've had with her is that she has a bad habit of going between your legs. (When working time ended and the leash came off she'd have a hyper-spaz and snake through your legs) It's something she's done since she was 6 weeks old and I should have stopped it then, but honestly didn't realize how compulsive it would become in her. Not a real problem – unless you are blind, lol! They've found it really hard to retrain her not to do this.

With her being transfered to a trainer in Quebec, I was concerned that I may never see her again. Thankfully the dogs are brought back to Oakville when they are ready to be matched with a client. That's where they have their classes and where the graduation ceremony is held.

I wish the trainer luck on the leg weaving issue and I hope to see Cyder again at her graduation.

1 comment:

Gregg Barrow said...

"It's something she's done since she was 6 weeks old"

You don't think she learned this watching you practice with Cei?