Saturday, April 22, 2006

Swimming after the rain

Bullet here.

We're ready for the cold plunge:

Will you throw the ball already?!

The race is on!

Glory letting Bullet do the work this time

Bullet at attention!

The end.

Glory's dive

Bullet & Glory swimming (3.4mb) Watch Glory dive!

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighthing

Glory kicking Bullet's butt!

The truth:

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cyder Report

Curious to see how Cyder's been doing in her training I put a call into Dog Guides last week. I've left it until now because I didn't want to bother them. Her old trainer called to let me know that she's been moved to the Quebec office, is with a new trainer and has been there for months.

She's doing great, she's happy and loves training. The only issue they've had with her is that she has a bad habit of going between your legs. (When working time ended and the leash came off she'd have a hyper-spaz and snake through your legs) It's something she's done since she was 6 weeks old and I should have stopped it then, but honestly didn't realize how compulsive it would become in her. Not a real problem – unless you are blind, lol! They've found it really hard to retrain her not to do this.

With her being transfered to a trainer in Quebec, I was concerned that I may never see her again. Thankfully the dogs are brought back to Oakville when they are ready to be matched with a client. That's where they have their classes and where the graduation ceremony is held.

I wish the trainer luck on the leg weaving issue and I hope to see Cyder again at her graduation.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bullet opening doors...

Here's a small video clip (884 kb) of Bullet opening a door going in...

And another one (500 kb) of Bullet opening a door out.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

All groomed up - my male model

"Le Tigre"...

I call this one "Blue Steel"...

Left side, ooooooohhhh:

Right side, aaaahhhhhh:


Monday, April 03, 2006

Bull, Cei and Glow

My scruffy mutt. One of these day's I'll learn how to properly groom & maintain a Giant coat. I'm not quite there yet, sorry Bullet!

The Belgian coat is much easier to maintain. Yes, they shed, but when they get muddy the dirt falls off as soon as it's dry. Giant coats don't shed, but when they get dirty it's held in their furnishings until they shake it off in your house. They need to be bathed more regularly. Which is better? Depends on the day! There is a Golden Retriever/Poodle cross at the kennel right now and it has the worst of both worlds. It sheds more than any lab there, and the hair holds the dirt. Designer-dog buyer beware.

Glory asking for a belly rub.

Bullet & Glory

I may be small, but I can fit your head inside my big mouth so you'd better listen to me!

The Bullet-mobile

My new gas efficient, not to mention beautiful looking and smooth driving dog vehicle:

Lots of room with a flat plastic platform & 3/4 split seat:

Enough to fit three people, one Bullet sized crate and one Cei/Glory sized crate:

The open hatch is perfect for training days!

Bullet's crate has a side door so it's simple to get him out, no need to move things out of the back: