Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Meeting the Great Pumpkin


CJFreeman said...


Very cute kid! Is she Brian's?

You have a well set-up site here. The "standard poodle abscess" pics were gruesome, but educational.

It is very pleasing to see that you are performing a greater service than just having fun with dogs; you help stabilize our canine friends so they're fit to be with people who really need them.

I wonder, would you be willing to do a write up that lets your readers know the history of your interests, and activities with dogs?

You take care.
Christopher J. Freeman

p.s. Say 'hi' to Kevin for me.

'nuff Z said...

...and if only every dog got the handler they desevered.
Apparently I'm nowhere near as computer literate as you, how did you get the silouette at the bottom of your page?
I've got a very ghostly pic. of Dutch, with his "headlights" on, that I'd like to use as background but so far all attempts have failed.
Keep up the good work it's a great site.