Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cyder - First down

Cyder had her very last group class with her litter today. She was great as always, and it's nice to see how they are all progressing and the similarities/differences in look and characteristics.

Afterwards we all took a 10 minute drive to see an opthamologist where they had their first health test. Cyder's eyes passed! Whew! She was very calm on the table so the opthamologist used her to give a 4 year University of Guelph vet student a look with a lesson.

Her hips/elbows will be tested in the next couple of weeks. Even if the dogs pass this they can still be disqualified for health reasons - if they have chronic ear or eye infections for example.

Other than that, once her health testing is done they'll look at how well she handles kennel life and training.

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Anonymous said...

FIngers are crossed the rest of the testing goes well!

Good luck on recall day.