Tuesday, October 04, 2005

First impressions - Coda & Travis

Kevin and I have been matched with a little brother through the Big Brothers & Sisters program for over two years now.

For our first outing we had Travis, his older brother and his mother over for a BBQ, mainly so Travis could get to know us better and so his mother could as well. This was also so they could meet Coda - I stressed from the beginning that the child we were matched with couldn't be allergic to animals, and must not be afraid of big dogs.

I really wanted Coda to make a good impression... to be honest I was a little worried because he wasn't accustomed to or comfortable with kids.

Coda got very excited when they came, but he wouldn't let them pet him and he kept shying away while barking. He usually loves when people come to the house and this is not how I wanted him to be acting. I put him on leash and kept him with me until he calmed down then I had Travis feed him some treats. Everything was fine for a while until Coda saw my cat heading towards the Timbit box on the mothers lap. He decided to get possessive over it and snapped at the cat. Great I thought to myself, just what I want him doing!

We then took it outside where Kevin started BBQing while I played fetch & tug with Coda & Travis. Coda was very conscious of where my hands were when we played tug, but accidents still happened. Of course it had to happen in front of Travis and his mom! His teeth slammed the top of my knuckle and blood started pouring down my hand. Thankfully they never saw it so I put my hand behind my back and sopped up the blood with the back of my shirt. I casually suggested that we go inside and I would be there in a minute, I just had to put my bike away. The last thing I wanted was them thinking Coda bit me.

After that everything went smoothly - that is until I saw Coda rolling on the ground. I didn't think anything of it until someone mentioned the STINK. Turns out the flavour of the day was a rotten robins egg. Yum, yum!

Coda warmed up to Travis' family and they fell in love with him. Travis played fetch with Coda and they both loved every minute of it. We showed off all Coda's tricks and he was a huge goof, show off and suck for the rest of the day. Travis didn't want to go home and was upset that he wasn't able to help give Coda a bath. As they got in their car to go home, Coda stood silently at the door and watched them until they drove down the street.

Coda & Travis became best friends.

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