Thursday, June 30, 2005

Jean Dodds Vaccination Protocol

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K9-CRAZY said...

Depending upon the first vaccination (DPV is correct), you'll schedule the next vaccination three to four weeks from the previous shot. Go ahead and give that third vaccination. Rabies, wait until 6 months if at all possible.

Although Lyme disease is a major problem in your area, the vaccine has not been proven to be all that effective and long term side effects ARE a possibility. Here is a good article for you to print out and keep. Your absolute best bet is to keep the puppy clipped short and run a flea comb through after every woody outing. These are all hard coats so checking for parasites will be easier then with Coda. During the height of tick season, go ahead and use frontline plus which does have a deterrent effect on ticks.

Do not let your vet talk you into a 5 in one combo or 7 in one combo, etc. Every vaccination is an immuno suppressor. Corona virus doesn't occur beyond puppyhood and is self limiting (basically that in a dog with good immune system that the dog gets over it humans and a cold) and bordatello is self limiting.

Lepto virus is a HUGE immuno suppressor and shouldn't be given ever before 16 weeks.

And lastly, make sure you give the one year re-vaccination of DPV as they have to get a vaccination after 6 months for complete immunity.
Let me know if you will need us to bring you doses of DPV and syringes.